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     In Divine Alchemy Temple Arts, we offer a synthesis of these unique styles of hypnosis.  Each modality offers time-tested methods, to give the client a deep and enriching experience.  Both methods are designed to create healing and clarity, yet taking a slightly different approach.  We have found a real treasure in pulling from these techniques, to offer you the most rewarding session possible.

Introspective Hypnosis® 

     Developed by Aurelio Mejía, Introspective Hypnosis combines many techniques, including forgiveness therapy, role change, Ericksonian hypnosis, past-life regression and spirit assistance.  (also known as spirit releasement)  Introspective Hypnosis supports you through the inner journey of tracking and illuminating the sources of fears, phobias, discomfort, illness, disharmony and more.  As you are guided to the Source, you are able to bring light to the concealed parts of your psyche and subconscious mind, that hold the keys to ultimate health and happiness.

    *Introspective Hypnosis® is now taught by Antonio Sangio, and his colleague Alba Weinman.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

     QHHT® was developed and perfected by Dolores Cannon.  She believed hypnosis had the potential to go far beyond the typical uses of weight-loss, breaking addictions and simple subliminal messages for health and wellness.  She was a pioneer in the field of hypnosis, leaving old methods in the dust, to explore new horizons.  She saw herself as an explorer of consciousness, and a sort of detective.  Through her techniques, she was able to guide people through the past, past-lives, future-lives and alternate realities.  In her multitude of sessions, this method allowed the "Subconscious" (or the "Higher Self") of the client, to navigate the unseen realms.  (or the "Source Field")  This enables and empowers clients to receive the most appropriate vision or experience, to bring forth clarity, understanding and lasting healing.  

     *QHHT® is now taught by Dolores' daughter; teacher, speaker and author, Julia Cannon.  

What we Offer:
Trance-Formational Hypnosis℠

     This modality is a powerful fusion of Aurora's experience with the above techniques, as well as decades of study and experience in the fields of Intuition, energywork, miracles, compassionate listening, metaphysics, divination and more.  This method offers flexibility to use the Intuitive Process more fully, to co-create a session that serves your unique needs in the moment.  Aurora believes in letting the client guide the journey, by deeply listening and watching for subtle cues.  In this way, time can be spent thoroughly receiving each scene, so the experience is both illuminating, as well as transformational.  By utilizing the "Trance" state, (highly relaxed, altered state) you may alter the "Formation" of your reality.  When you break down the word "Hypnosis," you get "hyp" (meaning 'below,' referring to the subconscious) and "nosis." (meaning 'to know')  Aurora understands her experience of 'hypnosis' to be more likened to a "SupraGnosis."  (meaning 'an Inner Knowing that is Above, Beyond, or without limitations')  It is an opportunity to consciously align with your Higher Knowing, or your Spiritual Source; to fully receive (from YOU) the messages that can shift your life for the better, transforming you from the inside, out.    

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