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     We offer an enriching variety of classes, workshops and facilitator trainings.  Every offering is designed to support a Vibrant and Healthy lifestyle.  It is our commitment to provide our community with tools for (W)holistic, Intuitive, Radiant, High-Vibe Living.  No matter your life path, or skill set, we invite you to participate and co-create with us!  We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that can enhance your quality of life, health and well-being.  Our passions involve supporting the evolution of consciousness, and empowering individuals in learning new ways to BE their Greatest, Authentic, Awakened Version of themselves.     

Divine Metamorphose Technique
-Module 1 $675 (usd) early registration savings

     Divine Metamorphose Technique, or "DMT," is a modern name for a very ancient healing technology.  DMT℠ is first and foremost a core self-care method, designed to support your process of reawakening to your Inner Divine.  From this essential training, a solid, unshakable foundation is created, by which all healing can occur.  All Healing is "Self-Healing."  In this intimate class, we recognize the value in remembering what the "Self" really is, and what it's truly capable of.  Healing is a Divinely Generated experience, that requires our full presence, acceptance and surrender.  This powerful technique, emphasizes the importance of "embodiment", as a tool for Universal Awakening.  The only way to effectively support others in their healing journey, is by first honoring your Temple and Divine Nature.  

    The experience of this modality is something as old as biological life.  Gather in a safe group container, as we learn how to invite the gentle process of letting go of stuck or stagnant energy, cellular opening and awakening.  Through this workshop, Aurora explains the vivid magick of the fascial system, and guides the group through a journey of release, remembrance and renewal.  Our bodies contain precious cellular memory that can live with us for lifetimes.  This work allows us to access this memory energetically, and safely bring the body to a space where we can physically release this cellular congestion.  Together, we will learn through video presentation, open discussion, hands-on bodywork/energywork techniques, and finally, learning the core essence of DMT.  This healing practice helps to reignite our personal connection with the Divine, attuning us to the subtle realms, where we link in with Grace and Ease to Universal energy.  It is in this consciously 'linked-up' state, we are given the opportunity to clear, heal and rejuvenate our bodies on every level, transforming from the inside, out.  We all have access to this gift in every moment... it's just a matter of remembering what it feels like to BE there.  Just like muscle memory; Once you remember, you will never forget your 'All-Access Pass' to Universal Love, Wholeness and Perfection.

The acronym "DMT" happens to be a very fitting title for this modality.  No, we are not referring to any external substance, but rather, the body's natural chemistry.  DMT (or Dimethyltryptamine) is a natural alkaloid, released from the pineal gland, that acts as a neurotransmitter, as well as performing many other biological functions.  DMT is found in plants and other animals as well.  Some have referred to it is "The Spirit Molecule"; a medium through which the Divine is able to commune directly with us.  During our dreamtime, or moments of powerful visionary experiences, DMT has been found to be present.  This powerful modality is known to activate the pineal and pituitary glands, as well as other parts of the brain.  As fascial openings occur, surges of electricity activate dormant parts of our DNA, ancient memories and the living light body.  Thus, the brain often moves into DMT production mode, literally building the natural reserves within the body.  "Healing hormones" are delivered, and new neuropathways are created, opening a brand new "healing handbook" for the whole being to access.  You will discover what the "light body" really is, and how we can nurture and activate it through gentle, intentional ceremony.  Experience the lasting, harmonizing effects of this Divinely Guided self-care technique! Add a treasure to your self-love rituals, that goes far beyond the physical body.  Bring a yoga mat, comfy clothes, lunch/snack and an open heart!

*Module 1 is a full two 6 hour days. (with lunch breaks)  In this class, we begin to lay the groundwork for self-alchemy and personal transformation. It will include multiple hands-on healing experiences (with a professional LMT & Healing arts practitioner of over 15 years), group exercises, connections with kindred souls, videos, a thumb drive (with class info & sound healing music by Aurora), complimentary libations and a certificate of completion.

*Module 2 (3/ 6hr. days) expands on technique, and readies you to facilitate healing sessions for others.



Contact Us to preregister! 

(Space is extremely limited, as we value an intimate learning setting.)     

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