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Sonoluminous Divine Entrainment

((Sound to Awaken the Soul))

     Aurora's unique education and personal practices, have led her to develop a technique, called “Sonoluminous Divine Entrainment,” where she relaxes into a trance state in order to channel Divine frequencies, tones and language.  The sounds come through as a vibrational blueprint, cymatically inviting the cells to synchronize with sacred bio-geometrical structures of "Divine Codes."  Through this attunement process, listeners are supported in strengthening their own direct Divine connection.  In that way, one may experience greater clarity, deep relaxation, releasing stagnant energy, clearing stuck emotion, having personal revelations, occasionally psychic visions and meetings, and lasting cellular healing and harmony.  Aurora also integrates her education in both hypnosis, NLP, active meditation and Theta Healing, to create a highly beneficial and healing experience. In this state, people have reported experiencing these benefits and more!  It is Aurora’s commitment to align with the inner Divine, to support herself and others in becoming the most tuned-in, radiant versions of themselves…  awakening to the reality of Heaven on Earth.

     Sonoluminous Divine Entrainment has been available as unique, customized recorded transmissions, channeled specifically for an individual.  These are professionally recorded transmissions of Aurora channeling healing music, tones, rhythmic beats, vocal overtones, alchemical singing and Light Language. (UPDATE: Personal SDE session/recordings are no longer available, as Aurora would like to have a wider reach with her Attunements. Monthly SDE Transmissions, and special portal-date offerings will be available soon for download. We look forward to serving you in a greater capacity!!)


     These activation sessions will help you become more centered and aligned, as they support you in harmonizing with incoming Celestial energy, as well as more local Planetary energy.  When you become "attuned" to these frequencies, your Source-Connection grows stronger from within.  From this place, you create a solid foundation to receive and experience direct communication, lasting healing and crystal clarity in all your endeavors.  As you create the time and space to dive deep with the Divine, listening to these songs over and over, will help exercise that muscle of Devotion and inner Knowing.. bringing greater alignment in every facet of life.  Think of therecording like self-maintenance.  We all have a way of running our internal batteries too low from time to time, or forgetting how our thoughts, feelings and language co-create our experience.  These activations are like our 'date-with-the-Divine'... our time to "tune-in," get re-grounded, refocused, re-centered, and be sure we are running the right internal programs for our greatest success!!  The audio files typically run between 30-60 minutes in length, and are yours to keep and share with friends and family.  (All rights reserved- Absolutely no sampling, copying, or resale of these tracks is allowed for public use)  Because these healing tracks come in the form of audio files, there is no need to schedule a session.  This gives you the freedom to listen and fully receive it in the privacy of your own sacred space...  at the perfect time for YOU.  We do live in a quantum YoUniverse.  This means that no matter where you are, or when the actual recording occurs, we are intimately connected!  Whatever is meant to happen, will surely happen, exactly when it is meant to.  The more you listen to the recording, the more opportunities you will create for powerful awakenings, and lasting healing. 

     We also offer Sonoluminous Divine Entrainment in small and large scale group events and performance venues.  Contact us about booking an experience in your area, or as a feature in your event.  Now offering performances for large classes, workshops, seminars, conferences, retreats, weddings, ceremonies and more!  We look forward to serving you.


Burst of Light

Group events are individually considered. Please contact us for pricing.

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