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     Divine Alchemy Temple Arts offers a unique set of services, which have been conscientiously crafted over nearly two decades of practice.  Aurora's attention to detail and fullness of presence, allows for an experience of deepened sensitivity and awareness to occur.  Each service is a custom fusion of Intuitive Guidance and finely tuned modalities.  It is Aurora's honor and pleasure to share these truly one-of-a-kind gems with you.

Experience our powerful, intuitively guided sessions. These focus on identifying root causes of dis-ease, stagnancy or dis-harmony, and transforming unconscious patterns into conscious health and well-being. Watch your life shift on a quantum level from the inside, out.


Back Massage
Floating Bubble

This is a sound healing modality, which is channeled in a trance-state. This allows for a pure transmission of Divine tones, frequency and language.


Here, we take a hands-on approach, integrating intuition, ritual, modern modalities and ancient healing arts.


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We synthesize three styles of hypnosis, that each focus on deep inner reflection and personal illumination. This offering sheds light on aspects of our past, present and future selves, giving you the keys to powerful and lasting healing.

If you have experienced a session with us and would like to share your appreciation through gratuity, please click the button below to leave a tip of your choice. Thank you!! We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service. 
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