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At Divine Alchemy Temple Arts, we believe in authenticity and transparency. 

Here is what people are saying about their sessions and experiences with with Aurora.

Impactful Change

     "I had the honor to have a session with Aurora. Among many things, she hit on situations in my current & past lives she had no way of knowing, but the most impactful aspect of the session was the healing part. I've been experiencing pain in my upper left quadrant of my abdomen, I attributed it to pancreatic issues. She picked up on that right away.  We did a clearing on that area & I have not had any pain since."
       -Loretta LoMastro

Inner Healing

     "Aurora is a phenomenal multit-talented Practitioner. She performed inner healing and a hypnosis session on me that was very helpful and highly effective. She is very intuitive and confident in her skill set. I highly recommend working with her."

       -Pierre Harris


      "I attended Aurora's Divine Metamorphose Technique workshop in June 2019 and was absolutely blown away with how strongly I was affected by the results of this workshop. Aurora's gentle spirit was always there for us, helping and supporting us to go deeper within, where we were working on our transformation from inside out. There were plenty of moments to feel vulnerable because this work requires you to touch base with your raw unmasked self. Aurora was always there to assist, and her open presence made you feel very comfortable around others. I highly recommend to attend this workshop to all my friends."   
          -Tatsiana Oneill

     "I have had the honor of growing up with Aurora. Learning and growing with her. I’ve witnessed her transformations first hand for the majority of my life; in herself and in the people she’s worked with.  Being the guinea pig for a lot of “new” ideas and modalities, starting off very young, has made me who I am. She’s constantly striving to share her findings with people willing to hear it, to FEEL it.  To put it simply, she is assisting humanity in remembering who we really are. Bringing you back to your core self. Remembering the power that we actually hold within us.  Her influence in my life has been nothing short of magical. And the best part… even after almost 15 years(??) it still feels like we are just scratching the surface of what is possible.  I am overwhelmingly humbled by her passion for and ability to hold space for those in search of remembering themselves.  A personal favorite class I’ve taken from her would have to be her Divine Metamorphosis Technique.  It has made the biggest impact in the connection between my physical and spiritual self. Allowing myself to “unwind” all that has unconsciously bound within me, If you ever have the opportunity to have any kind of experience with Aurora, you will be blessed with so much love and compassion and a new way of experiencing this world."   -Tanya L.

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