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∞Events 2023∞

'The Holy Moment'
Sonoluminous Divine Entrainment


     Aurora's unique education and personal practices, have led her to develop a technique, called “Sonoluminous Divine Entrainment,” where she relaxes into a trance state in order to channel Sacred frequencies, tones and language.  The sounds come through as a vibrational blueprint, cymatically inviting the cells to synchronize with sacred bio-geometrical structures of "Divine Codes."  Through this attunement process, listeners are supported in strengthening their own direct Divine connection.  In that way, one may experience greater clarity, deep relaxation, releasing stagnant energy, clearing stuck emotion, having personal revelations, occasionally psychic visions and meetings, and lasting cellular healing and harmony.  Aurora also integrates her education in both hypnosis, NLP, active meditation and Theta Healing, to create a highly beneficial and healing experience. In this state, people have reported experiencing these benefits and more!  It is Aurora’s commitment to align with the inner Divine, to support herself and others in becoming the most tuned-in, radiant versions of themselves…  awakening to the reality of Heaven on Earth.

March 20 : Frequency Medicine Immersion
Live Online Zoom Experience

Have you seen the movie, "Waking Life?"


When they talk about the “Holy Moment,” I relate so deeply to that experience. It’s what has had the most profound impact on my life. Now, I have also experienced deep suffering... but that’s what makes the Holy Moment that much sweeter and more desirable. We all have an inner pull... a soul yearning for that Higher, Anointed Communion; to Be ONE with Creator.. with that Divine Intelligence. For me, it became a mission to get in ( ( ( resonance ) ) ) with this relationship. It's the same mission we are all on. (The return to Source) What if I told you, you won’t find it outside yourself? What if I told you that your heart is the Chalice Well, and that the Divine Fire of the “Holy Spirit” is of an infinite Source.. an eternal spring.. the fountain of youth.. that replenishes that well over and over and over, when you call upon it.. and surrender to its abundance...? 

As humans, we have discovered cunning strategies to avoid this life force.. this TRUE Unconditional Love!! “Really?! Who, me?!” Yup, all of us. We have built walls and “protective layers” we thought were there to keep us safe... but most of them have actually hard-wired your body vehicle to Keep The Holy Spirit Out!! (Unconsciously of course... Yes, I do it too. 😝) 


This prevents the body from truly being “The Temple.”  The Temple is where we go to meet the Divine.. to commune with “The Holy Spirit” and BE anointed. ✨💧✨ So what is "The Holy Moment?" It is what some people call the Bliss State... Heart-Brain Coherence... or what Dr. Joe Dispenza calls, "The generous present moment." In Hebrew, there is a word, "Selah," which means 'to lift up, exalt'.. or to PAUSE and give thanks for what is.Simply put, It is Pure AWE... Remembrance... Union... BEing.


I have devoted my LIFE to studying that ‘Communion’... our access to Miracles.. and how to help others remember that Divine Birthright. All around me, from the time I was a small child... I watched intense Miracles surround me. Not just synchronicity types of Miracles.. but rather, the types of Miracles that defy science, medicine and physics. In fact, I am a product of a Miracle, as well as my siblings. My point in sharing this, is that it has been the focus of my life for the past 35 years... not to mention, my work, for the past 16+ years. Everything I have learned and cultivated has been born from the desire to remember, and to help others remember WHO and WHAT they truly are... and dip into that sweet NOW moment, where all that remains is Pure Consciousness... Loving Awareness... Godliness. This is where we find that Holy Moment just waiting for our attention and acceptance. 👁


I invite you to a special Spring Equinox Frequency Medicine Immersion. As we gather, Spirit calls us deeper to Experience the Divine within through Sound, Light & Meditation. I love the phrase, “Prayer is speaking to God... Meditation is listening to God.” This is the space I love to hold... a container for You and God to have your time to shine, to expand, to transform... to Love and BE LOVED. To BE as you Are. 🔥🤍🔥


If this calls to you, click the button below to register and a Zoom link will be emailed to you shortly. Please be sure to check your junk-mail folder, if you don't see the link within an hour.

🕊 I look forward to sharing this Holy Moment with You. 🙏

-Aurora Seraphine

*This will be a recorded event, so if you can't make the Live, no sweat!*

Replays will be sent out the following day

for you to take home and enjoy whenever you like! 🌞
Be sure to have a good internet connection. Computers are ideal.
Good headphones or speakers help ensure the best audio transmission.


When: March 20th

@ 4:44pm EST
Duration: 90+ min.

Includes: Deep-trance Sound Healing

+ lifetime access to the replay
Cost: $22

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