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Bodywork & Energy Healing

     At Divine Alchemy Temple Arts, we offer time-tested treasures to serve your unique needs.  Each modality we provide, has been carefully selected, based on their powerful, yet gentle effectiveness and purity.  Because each body is different, we take the time to clearly distill the body's needs, to decide what modalities will best serve you.  For those desiring a more hands-on approach to healing, we offer several options to create the perfect session for you!


     No two sessions are EVER alike.  We believe in the "Intuitive Process."  This means that we see you as completely new upon each visit, and use Divine Guidance to listen for, and hear the body's needs.  A large part of Aurora's philosophy on healing, is based on the importance of learning to eliminate distractions, to better receive personal Intuitive Guidance.  She employs daily practices that cultivate her own Intuition, to enjoy deeper clarity, peace and health. By maintaining this lifestyle, it adds great benefit to the quality of her session offerings.  It is her desire to hold clients in a space of Intuitive Support, so through the work, they might access that same clarity to hear their own inner wisdom.  As you remember your healing potential, your Intuitive Voice becomes stronger and clearer.  Healing experiences are a byproduct of clearing your "Divine Connection Network."  In this way, these sessions offer a sense of celebration, reunion; A return to the Soul.

    We understand the world of subtle energy and neuro-linguistic programming, and therefore hold tremendous value in everything we say and do.  Our attention to detail creates an experience of true Universal Support.  In our sanctuary, you are held in a consciously-created sacred space.  We apply temple-creation principals, crystal technology and powerful healing intentions.  This combination creates an environment that supports your vision for optimum health, vitality, clarity, release and regeneration.  In this light, we honor you in your newness; In the present moment.  We acknowledge the YOU that is Divine; A Living Miracle.  We see you as Whole, Perfect and Complete.  


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Modalities Integrated

Rates & Services

  • Acupressure

  • Sound Healing

  • Myofascial Release

  • CranioSacral Therapy

  • Essential Oil Anointing

  • Swedish Massage

  • Integrative Massage/Bodywork

  • Light Language Attunements

  • Reiki/Advanced Energy Work

  • Site Specific - $125/hr.
    For focus on specific areas

  • Divine Alchemy - $400
    Integrative bodywork, using an intuitive combination of modalities. Up to 4 hrs.

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