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Music is a Healing Modality

     Aurora's background in music, healing arts and lifelong sensitivity to subtle energy, has lead her to channel her music from a deeper place.  In this aligned space, subtle and profound shifts are possible.  Utilizing her voice, crystal singing bowls, specific frequencies, nature sounds and other healing instruments, she guides the conscious mind to a deep state of relaxation, while inviting the soul to rise up from within...  remembering WHOLENESS.  Experience an expansive healing journey through inner light and sound, with Aurora Seraphine. 

   Nature is one of the most powerful interfaces for our physical body. When we interact with nature, we align our body's natural rhythms. When our body entrains with the earth, we open to greater potentials as human beings... but most importantly, as Spiritual Beings. Since we are, by nature, beings of frequency, our energetic body responds to this alignment by opening and awakening in beautiful ways. Aurora believes in the importance of including the sounds and frequencies of nature in her music, for a deeper, more pure activation. Looking to nature, is the easiest way to accept the evidence that all life is born from Vibration.

   Sound has been used for thousands of years to treat and cure disharmony in the body. Science has now discovered that vibration not only has the ability to alter and suspend matter, but can also create light. These implications are astounding. There are now countless modalities and technologies, using sound/frequency to balance and heal the physical and subtle energy bodies. The conscious use of frequency is an ancient art, now being recognized by science and others as "vibrational medicine." The vibration of music, frequencies, words, thought and emotion, have long been known to have an impact on matter. Cymatics shows us that sound has the ability to resonate molecules, creating new biogeometric formations. When applied in a sacred manner, with prayer and intention, Vibration has the ability to restructure matter to it's original Divine state of Harmony.

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