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Our Approach to Healing

     Healing is individual experience, with a collective awareness.  Because each body is unique, it is important to us to approach each modality with tenderness, intuition, compassion and a God's-Eye view.  We have to be willing to see the "big picture" when it comes to imbalances.  All 'disharmony' in the body, stems from an important message not being addressed within our lives.  All perceived 'illness' is really just a healing mechanism; our body's way of rearranging itself, to optimize the systems and accommodate that healthy flow of energy once again.  Our Truest way of being is pure health, vitality, radiance and joy.  Our body's natural state is Health and Alignment; Our body wants to be healthy.  If something is occurring that is preventing us from experiencing this, our body is trying to send us a message. 


     It is our mission to support your journey of returning to center; returning to the deepest Knowing of your Soul.  Each modality offered, is carefully chosen as a medium to reconnect you with your Inner Divine.  The truth is, we could never be disconnected from this aspect of our being, so it's really more like clearing the 'connection network.'  No two sessions are ever alike, as each moment is new and requires a deep inner stillness and listening, to fully receive what the mind/emotions/body may be requesting.   Our sessions are very special, as we believe in placing the empowerment solely in your hands.  This means that we do not assume to dictate the path of your healing, but rather facilitate a journey of reawakening to YOUR DIVINE CONNECTION.  In this way, all the answers come directly from the Divine, to YOU. 


We honor each session, by creating a safe and sacred container for miracles to occur.  We believe that Miracles are a way of life, and our birthright to experience them daily.  We vow to always see you in your Wholeness and Perfection, and to support your adventure in remembering the TRUTH of who you are.  'Healing' is really just a journey of Re-Membering Wholeness... consciously choosing what you are ready to Embody.  

Open Hands
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