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About Aurora

     As the founder of Divine Alchemy Temple Arts, Aurora is a conscious musician, vocal alchemist, sacred sound healer and channel.  With a life-long sensitivity to energy and the other realms, she naturally gravitated toward the healing arts.  In 2007, she founded a healing and training center for subtle-energy practices and vibrational medicine techniques.  She is a master essential oil alchemist, practices many modalities of massage and bodywork as an LMT, and practices/teaches advanced energy-work techniques.  Aurora also practices several forms of hypnosis.  With her unique education and personal practices, she also developed a sound healing technique, called “Sonoluminous Divine Entrainment.”  Aurora is also a writer, speaker, intuitive, mama-of-two, and an advocate for organic/high-vibe living and Spirit-directed pregnancy and birth.  It is Aurora’s commitment to align with the inner Divine, to support herself and others in becoming the most tuned-in, radiant versions of themselves… awakened to the reality of Heaven on Earth.


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